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VirginiaHost.com Customer Testimonials

Jason Dickstein (Washington, DC) -  
"I've used Paul's company for internet hosting since I started WAG, and I have always been impressed with his ability to provide service. He is very good at keeping customers informed of issues, and he works hard to make sure that technical issues are overcome to the customer's satisfaction. He takes the attitude that every technical hurdle can be overcome through creative effort."

Neal Pirolo (San Diego, CA) -  
Paul just spent a good amount of time with me, helping me sort out a problem that wasn't really his! My cable provider said it was Paul's problem, so I called him. Very discreetly he mentioned that it really was there problem, but "let me see if I cam help you." And he did! Thanks, Paul!

Scott Robertson (Chicago, ILLINOIS) -  
The people behind the scenes at virginiahost.com have always been there to fix and problems, answer any questions, or give suggestions on possible solutions. I have used their web hosting for a little over a year or so. I have 7 sites that I have hosted with them for companies I have done websites for. Their up times have been great, load times are great, and their price for hosting is a great value. This summer they over came a big hurdle, their ISP went under. I have nothing but good things to say about that transition because I was well informed, the situations was explained well and I felt that if these people are going to work hard to get things up and going again and the professionalism in which they did it with, that they deserved my commitment to them and being understanding, that these things happen and that people get knocked down, it's how you get up that counts, virginiahost.com has been a committed web hosting provider and will continue to have my business.

Chad Thevenot (Washington, DC) -  
Susan & Paul Laudenslager at virginiahost.com are awesome. The few times there has been any issue with me site hosting, I've called them up Paul usually answers the phone. Amazing! They always give me a candid and helpful understanding of what's going on. The price is unbeatable for a relatively comprehensive hosting package. When I worked for the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, we also hosted our site with them, with which they had equally great service. These are folks that anyone can feel comfortable and confident working with.

Mark Fox (Encinitas, CA) -  
Very helpful and friendly hosting. Paul is a very kind person who will fulfill your request while you're on the phone with him. He's also been responsive to my e-mails and extremely generous in compensating for any problems you may be having. And the price is simply impossible to beat! World class hosting and great service at unbeatable prices. Highly recommended!

Chriss Pagani (Pacific City, OREGON) -  
If it weren't for Paul & Susan Laudenslager, we would have floundered in the Internet business. Thanks to them, we've been successful and prosperous. They're the best!

Pamela Crosby (Stafford, VIRGINIA) -  
Paul and Susan are some of the kindest people on the web. Paul will work with you for hours, if necessary, to get your site working. Just fantastic customer support. That's the key to any successful business. Fantastic Virginian hospitality! Come join us.

Ginger McGuffie (Reston, VA) -  
This host should be recognized for the outstanding reliability of their service. They take the initiative in keeping on the leading edge of technical support and back up that ensures seamless, smooth operation for the sites hosted with them. Their personal commitment to highly competent and responsive service certainly distinguishes them from the pack! 5 stars!!!

Allan Wulff (Reston, VA) -  
I have just put up my first commercial site and am very impressed with the skill, competence and efficiency of this web host. They are providing top level service for extremely economical price. Their superior technical support and personal assistance so generously given to a newcomer to the web environment is deeply appreciated, and certainly reflects the type of business integrity that is all too rare these days.

Robert Maronic (Roanoke, VA) -  
Paul, Susan and the staff at virginiahost.com provide excellent customer service at a great price. I have had two websites with them for almost two years and am very happy. They are not just a good web hosting provider but a resource.

Dell Palmer (South Riding, VIRGINIA) -  
As this company continues to grow they have maintained their personal approach to the business. They are very reliable and on the few occasions there is a problem they get to it IMMEDIATELY. It's refreshing to speak with interested humans instead of a machine.

Colin Bennett (Bethesda, MARYLAND) -  
I had a great experience with this web hosting company. The setup was fast and efficient, and the customer service was superb. This hosting provider is an excellent choice, both for novice users like myself as well as professional users who might be interested in eCommerce possibilities.

Vic Wooten (Duncan, SC) -  
I recently transferred 9 of my hosted accounts to virginiahost.com. I haven't finished uploading my own site (eaglewebservices.com) yet, because my main focus was on my clients' sites. Paul and Susan Laudenslager, have unquestionably (as far as I'm concerned!) gone well above and beyond the call of duty with their help and support! I would recommend their hosting service above "any" that I am familiar with, and I have dealt with a number of different ones over the past few years!

Shelton Lee (Falls Church, VA) -  
Paul and Susan have a personal touch in a high tech business. People are the key to success and Paul and Susan understand this concept well.

Chris Nelms (Prince George, VIRGINIA) -  
Paul and Susan are absolutely the best with their support at virginiahost.com. I just switched over to them and initially expected a long and tedious processes. Not so at virginiahost.com and their features with hosting exceeds all my needs. I am also getting things I will use that I didn't get with the "Big Name" hosting company I just left for less than half the cost. Thanks guys! (and Richard too!)

Jimmy Powell (Redondo Beach, CA) -  
virginiahost.com is undoubtedly one of the friendliest host providers around and their service is excellent. I was a reseller with them for almost two years and really enjoyed their service and prices. I now have my own server but I couldn't have gotten where I am today without them. They are one of the few host providers that still offer phone support and treat you like a person, not like another number. I would highly recommend them to someone just getting started in the web hosting business. Thanks Paul & Susan!

Barb Emmons (Leesburg, VA) -  
Love having my sites hosted locally, Susan and Paul are the nicest people, and their man Rich TOTALLY ROCKS when it comes to support!!!!!!!!! So nice to do business with living, breathing human beings instead of a nameless faceless big corporate conglomerate... Thanks guys!

Hal Hayes (Fredericksburg, VIRGINIA) -  
Outstanding support and service. I have had web hosting under other companies, but virginiahost.com is the best by far. Price and offerings are on par or superior to nearly every hosting company on the Internet.

D Richardson (Mem, TN) -  
I CANNOT say enough good things about this company. The 5 stars is NOT enough to rate them, it should be at least 5,000 stars. Paul and his wife Susan run the most professional and reliable hosting company I have ever dealt with. They are available to help set-up your site, and are always available by telephone or email. Thank you guys SOOOOoooooooooo much for all of your help and for your EXCELLENT service.!!!

Michael Barber (Columbus, OHIO) -  
The internet can be a scary place without the help and guidance of a reliable host. Two years ago, virginiahost.com helped put my small photography business on the map. Today, I enjoy solid service, intricate stats reporting and competitive pricing. Thank you Paul and Susan!

Kasha L (Chantilly, VA) -  
Virginia has been hosting our site for a while (over a year) and has done a great job throughout. Like every busy business, sometimes it is hard to get someone on the phone, but the excellent customer service is always worth another call!! And the prices can't be beat -- believe me, I know, having worked for many a .com!

John Spalding (Arlington, VA) -  
We have used them for this site and previous site and would never consider any one. First Rate Support.

Colleen Kennedy (New York, NY) -  
It doesn't get any better than this. The customer service alone is enough to make you pick them. The prices are great. My only choice Have used them for three other domains.

Darius Roberts (West Chester, OH) -  
After trying 2 other ISPs with bad service and slow response to problems, I was delighted to find virginiahost.com. It has been a pleasure to work with Paul. It is refreshing to work with someone who is very knowledgeable and friendly.

T Hughes (Waldorf, MD) -  
Awesome customer service! I would recommend virginiahost.com to anyone. It is so nice to get a pleasant live person to help with your inquiries!

Sandy Frisbie (Nichols, NY) -  
I think the are the best because of all the help they have giving us over the last year on any and every problem or question we have had. They have done a great job with our web page also. I thank them for all the time they have spent on the phone solving our problems. Thank you very much.

Joseph Mitchell (Huntersville, NC) -  
Outstanding customer support. I've been using them for over a year and am extremely pleased. They are always available, immediately, for questions. I've never been told, by anyone, that my site is unavailable. Very nice folks.

Kamran Ahmad (Karachi, SINDH) 2/8/2002 -  
Great servers... i believe the best in the world.. and excellent customer service.. i would like to mention some names here specially Luke, Paul and Susan for their great support in solving our issue.

Sidney Lorick (Atlanta, GA) 1/25/2002 -  
Established my website in 20 minutes. Excellent Tech support and robust Internet connection. And the price can not be beat. Check it out!!!

Chad Naujoks (Virginia Beach, VA) 1/21/2002 -  
Very good customer service. Always willing to help with any problems and always in a good mood 8-) They are always punctual and willing to help over e-mail and over the phone for any problems that you may have.

Aaron Shepherd (Indianapolis, IN) 1/18/2002 -  
Excellent hosting solution! Setup was easy and very fast. Support responds the same day with questions. All the features I could hope for with a hosting solution, and you can't beat the price! Will recommend them to anyone!

Buck Hicks (Three Rivers, MI) 1/17/2002 -  
I have been hosting with virginiahost.com for a little over a month now and couldnít be happier. I have two sites hosted and another coming. I was very refreshing to call tech support and actually talk to a person and not be shuffled through an automated system and then be put on hold forever. The other surprising thing to me was that one of my two calls was late at night and I expected to get an answering machine, instead I got tech support and my ďproblemĒ was handled immediately.

Andrew Appleton (Woodbridge, VA) 1/16/2002 -  
They have always been very attentive to my needs both on the hosting of my page and for general IT questions. Although their prices maybe a bit higher than the competition their personal attributes make up for it. Thanks

Reggie Burris (Dale City, VA) 1/10/2002 -  
These guys are super. I use my site for personal enjoyment and they have never failed me, NEVER! Luke, the new edition, has been SUPER. You can't do better.

Chris Rinearson (Culpeper, VA) 1/6/2002 -  
Tried other hosts before and never got the kind of customer service I get from virginiahost.com. They are the best!!

Aaron Adamson (Toronto, ON) 1/3/2002 -  
Paul & Susan run this spectacular web hosting service with an unparallel hospitable spirit and very sharp skill sets. When I was experiencing a particular urgency to get up and running Paul stayed up all night until 4 in the morning to get the job done. All this attention to my cause and it was the night before his daughter's wedding rehearsal dinner. During all of my dealings with Paul he is always wanting to offer any other information which can help me to be successful! I think they will be the #1 host in America soon!

Bryan Horton (Zachary, LA) 12/28/2001 -  
Rated this company 3 months ago with 5 stars, but the honeymoon may be over - or maybe they're going through growing pains. Mail service has been problematic and tech support emails go unanswered. Promises have been made for 2002. I hope so. I have three sites hosted (racingdiva, maggieblimited and spapoops all .com) and would hate to go through the move to another host because these are really nice folks... but business is business. Feel free to contact me at bryan@racingdiva.com

Ricky Haynes (Prince George, VA) 12/5/2001 -  
I have worked with Paul and Susan for a couple of years now and have been more than pleased with them. As far as support it just does not get any better, I think someone chained them to their servers because they are always there. I have three websites with them now and will look no further when I need to set more up. Paul & Susan, your with out doubt the best. Thanks for everything.

Bob German (Watertown, MA) 11/12/2001 -  
Just switched to virginiahost.com hosting from another plan and life is MUCH better! The site is responsive and seems reliablie, and the customer service has been excellent. Special thanks to Susan L. for handling my questions on the weekend!

Kolin Morlatt (Elkridge, MD) 10/9/2001 -  
virginiahost.com is easily a 4 star. Would be a 5, but Iím saving 5 for something I havenít seen yet. In other words they are the best Iíve seen. What stands out most is the customer service. virginiahost.com still thinks itís 1955. Service with a smile you can feel, even over the phione. I highly recommend them. Kolin Morlatt

Michael Beller (Woodmere, NY) 10/3/2001 -  
Unbelievable, absolutely fantastic - a completely different experience from the other hosting companies I've used. Personalized service, personal attention (via phone), great technical support, all the latest technology, AND reasonable prices - Paul and Susan are true professionals.

Patrick Gould (Montpelier, VA) 9/24/2001 -  
Great people to work with, reasonable price! Very quick response for new requests, etc. Very helpful for new web authors.

Myra Wiggins (Fredericksburg, VA) 9/2/2001 -  
Building a web site is totally new to me. I am so thankful for real people on the other end of the phone to help me with any questions I have. I had called to get the site set up and hadn't published it a couple of days later and Susan called to make sure everything was going ok. I had had a glitch and Paul helped me work through it. Then when I published the site I had another question and Susan was right there to help me out. Thanks Susan and Paul! I have a friend who referred me to you and said you were great. She was right!

Don Kelley (Maple Ridge, BRITISH COLUMBIA) 8/31/2001 -  
I've been with virginiahost.com now for over a year and am impressed with their very high-speed servers. My sites simply run faster on viriginia.com! Also Paul is a great guy - very understanding and helpful - I enjoy chatting with him when I need help. You always feel good when you deal with these Virginians! PS - I recommend them to all of our clients and my clients get a discount too!

Michelle Johnson (Glen Allen, VA) 8/24/2001 -  
Excellent customer service!! Always willing to go that extra step! I would highly recommend them.

John Dyer (Leesburg, VIRGINIA) 8/13/2001 -  
Best Hosting company I have worked with so far in the industry. Service is fast and friendly. Who needs a help desk when you got Paul!!!

D Richardson (Memphis, TN) 8/11/2001 -  
They are ABOVE AND BEYOND EXCELLENT...!!! They set up my sites, PERSONALLY answer phones and email, they even worked on my server and my scripting at 1:00 am on a SUNDAY morning. Paul and Virginia REALLY are the BEST at virginiahost.com !!! I HIGHLY recommend them, and wish I had found them earlier... it would have saved a LOT of headaches and problems from happening. THANK YOU....Paul and Susan..!!...:):):):):)

Satch Reed (Arlington, VA) 8/8/2001 -  
What a concept! You actually get someone one the phone when you call...Having been a customer service manager for a high-tech company, it's nice to see that there's someone out there doing it right!!!

Bruce Roemmelt (Haymarket, VA) 8/3/2001 -  
great prices but best of all wonderful assistance and plenty of information. i built a website for my sister's company and a previous employee registered the domain name. paul and susan walked me through the name transfer process and it worked out perfectly! probably going to transfer all my accounts from Erols.com to virginiahost.com they're that good. Bruce

David Richardson (Memphis, TENNESSEE) 8/3/2001 -  

5 STARS ARE NOT ENOUGH... here are some MORE *******************************
This company is EXCELLENT...!!! They are a blessing and offer EVERYTHING for ALL of my hosting needs and beyond. They have the FASTEST servers I have hosted on, they ALWAYS answer my calls and emails and are VERY professional and VERY real people..!!! I L@@K forward to hosting with them for a LONG time. Thanks Paul and Susan...:)

Kurt Johnston (Sumerduck, VIRGINIA) 7/31/2001 -  
Wow! I was very disgusted with our previous host company and was pleasantly surprised that Paul & Susan were not only a pleasure to work with but very knowledgeable, with a service priced at more than reasonable rates. Every little thing that I have called them with a question on, they have been able to answer quickly and expertly. Glad to have found them and glad that they are also in Virginia!

Chris Callanta (Richmond, VA) 7/29/2001 -  
virginiahost.com is awesome. I was on the phone with Paul at 9:30 PM on a Sunday for tech. support. Where else can you get customer service that good at that time of day? From my first impression of Paul and his company, this is going to be a long term commitment. Paul and I have already discussed future plans for, expansions and integrations when I launch my business web site. I look forward to working with Paul and his company and hope to bring them more business!

Ted Carlson (Lorton, VIRGINIA) 7/29/2001 -  
Without a doubt, the best customer service and support anywhere. Paul spent a couple of hours with me on a Sunday, and we now have a storefront, a SQL database, FP2002 extensions and SharePoint Team Webs all together. I doubt any other company would be willing to do that, especially at his prices (low to start with). You can't go wrong with them.

Corey Stephens (Herndon, VA) 7/10/2001 -  
We have been with virginiahost.com for over a year. We have never had a day of problems, and we have always gotten quick answers to questions. Paul has given us great advice as our site has grown, and we have been able to keep up with demand thanks to his help. I could not recommend them more highly.

Don Evans (Raleigh, NC) 7/1/2001 -  
Are 10 Stars possible???? I can't believe the superb customer service that these people provide. I spent about 1 1/2 hours on the phone with Paul on a SUNDAY afternoon (working through my personal computer challenges) and left the call thinking this is what every company should be like. Both my partner and myself have nothing but great reviews for virginiahost.com and the great services they provide!! Forget the price (low anyway) these guys are worth every penny they charge!!

Darrell Shull (Washington, DC) 6/28/2001 -  
The staff at virginiahost.com have responded quickly and accurately to all of our requests, ranging from the simple (how do I access our log files) to the complex (I want to set up replication on our 1.3 gig SQL database.)

Kelli Rodriguez (Annandale, VA) 6/18/2001 -  
I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- these guys ROCK. Both Susan and Paul have helped me numerous times with getting new domains, moving domains, setting up mailing lists, you name it. All this, and they do it with a smile even. Who could ask for more. They truly understand the meaning of customer service. Thanks to both of you.

Michael Barber (Columbus, OHIO) 6/7/2001 -  
I've worked with 3 hosts in the past 2 years. Two have been in a corporate environment (not of my choosing) the other, virginiahost.com. virginiahost.com has, without a doubt, exceeded expectations. Service with virginiahost.com is more comprehensive, responsive and friendly than anything I've experienced. Looking for reliable? Team Laudenslager will astound you. Looking for steady service? virginiahost.com is your logical choice.

Kathy Gorman (Richmond, VA) 6/7/2001 -  
Excellent service and wonderful prices. The owners are very quick in dealing with any problems (which don't come up often!) I highly recommend virginiahost.com.

Christopher Vestal (Greensboro, NC) 6/5/2001 -  
After scouring the Internet for months, I found virginiahost.com through Action Jackson. I can not say enough about how they have impressed me time and time again with their willingness to help. Paul has put other things aside on several occasions to help me over the phone ...even helping me debug some of my own ASP code that was causing problems and offering advice on better development techniques that optimize server performance. As a professional web designer I have dealt with some of the "big names" in the Hosting business. Those guys could learn a lot from virginiahost.com about customer service and dependability!! I hope to never have to deal with another hosting company other than virginiahost.com!! Call me if you still have doubts about who is the best... Thanks Paul! Christopher Vestal www.azimuthservices.com 336.286.5076

Chris Barnes (Lorton, VIRGINIA) 4/5/2001 -  
I have been working in the industry for over 5 years and came across virginiahost.com while looking for a web host for the homeowners association that I live in. BAR NONE! I have received the best service of any Information Technology Company that I have ever dealt with. Great people with great service!

Henry O'Donnell (Lorton, VA) 3/28/2001 -  
Maybe I'm little biased but I've been with virginiahost.com from the beginnings. The Owner is very involved in maintaining 24/7. Offers numerous server side apps and a fair pricing scheme. In addition virginiahost.com is always supportive and is ready to host your needs as they grow.

Wayne Elder (Brookneal, VA) 3/26/2001 -  
Outstanding company. Support and service is far beyond the call of duty. I would recommend this company over any hosting company.

Ian Fields (germantown, MD) 3/19/2001 -  
The customer service is Great!!! Paul and Susan are true professionals. It has been a complete joy working with them!!!

Bob Dillon (Beaumont, CA) 3/12/2001 -  
They have been the best I have ever worked with. They laid out my info in such a manner that i had no need for further questions. Their response times have been second to none. They truly know what Customer Service is all about!!!

George Tombe (Universal City, TX) 3/11/2001 -  
Despite my daily calls, Paul and Susan are always great. I don't think there is another hosting service that will provide you this level of personalized and informative service. Great job!

Igor Kalageorgi (ROckville, MD) 3/1/2001 -  
Some of the very best personal service I ever got from a computer related service. My site was up and running in an afternoon, the bugs were fixed over the course of one day! Very impressed and I will be hosting additional sites with virginiahost.com shortly.

I want to be completely honest about virginiahost.com hosting. I have been with paul & susan for about 7 or 8 months and it's nice to know that i don't have to worry about my site being up and running. Don't take my word for it just give them a chance to prove it to you.

Aaron Naber (Green Bay, WI) 1/17/2001 -  
I started using virginiahost.com for hosting while selling Real Estate in VA. I have since moved to Wisconsin but kept virginiahost.com for my hosting needs because of the incredible service. Needing more than my share of help setting things up, virginiahost.com was more than willing to go the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied. All for 10 bucks a month.

Eric Barger (Kingston, TN) 1/9/2001 -  
Professional. Words cannot describe the burden they have taken off my shoulders by providing excellent services for a very fair price. Eric Barger

deane joyce (clarksburg, MARYLAND) 1/2/2001 -  
Daly Computers is a top 500 VAR located in Maryland. virginiahost.com continues to provide support and service that makes Sprint and UUNet among others pale into insignificance. This alone has increased our business revenue and saved us 1000's of dollars as a result. We cannot recommend virginiahost.com highly enough. Deane Joyce Web Designer

Roy Fares (Fairfax, VA) 12/31/2000 -  
This company performance is extremely good. The people at virginiahost.com are friendly and professional. I never asked for something and they were always on time accurate and professional. I wish this company all the best. Roy Fares Chairman and CEO Softwarecomplex.com Corporation

Rafael Barcenas (Washington, DC) 12/15/2000 -  
They are just great in anyways possible. They give you help not only on the hosting but on building your page.

Theodore Rice (Fredericksburg, VA) 12/14/2000 -  
The owners of this ISP are the most responsive and helpful people I have ever done business with. Absolutely outstanding!

Mark Montel (Springfield, VA) 12/8/2000 -  
So far, I am VERY happy with virginiahost.com Whenever I have a question, they respond quickly and actually wanting to help! Not like some other hosts I have used! Also, great pricing.

Fred Tracey (Vista, CA) 11/18/2000 -  
Why isn't there a ten star rating? I'm absolutely pleased with the service from virginiahost.com. The best prices with the best service. They are wonderful. How they've kept track of all my crazy requests, I'll never know. But they do!

Kelli Rodriguez (Reston, VA) 11/15/2000 -  
In a matter of two days, this company has absolutely amazed me. I'm a former employee of many (MANY) internet companies, including several very large (National) providers. As I'm fully aware of the time and different issues that arise with requesting, provisioning and setting up email, domains, web space, etc...I can honestly say that virginiahost.com has been able to fulfill my orders in a timely manner without errors, and with a smile - all I can say is WOW. Really, they truly do understand the value of customer service. And how can you beat the pricing??

M.S. Hayward (Warrenton, VIRGINIA) 11/9/2000 -  
Where's the button for 6 stars? These guys are awesome. "Customer service" really means something to these people.

Barbara and David Wiedenheft (Chincoteague, VA) 11/8/2000 -  
We are impressed by your friendliness and willingness to serve your customers. We're glad we have found you!

T Blodgett (Falls Church, VA) 11/8/2000 -  
Superb customer service, dependable servers, and a broad range of software support. I encourage you to use their services, but don't tell all your friends how good they are. Paul and Susan don't get enough time alone together as it stands now!

Williams Sam (Roanoke, VA) 10/15/2000 -  
Super guys to work with, they will actually get online with you and talk. No emails without answers, minutes not days solving problems. These people are customer oriented. I would give them a 10 star rating!

James Walton (Chesterfield, VA) 10/9/2000 -  
These guys are the BEST!!!!! I didn't expect this kind of service but they have helped me so much its not funny. I recommend this site to anyone that doesn't want to deal with the big business people. Don't get me wrong they can handle any kind of site that you can throw at them and have great equipment to boot. I have had NO server errors on my website report and that speaks for itself. Paul is the man when it comes to tech support but SUSAN runs the show and cracks the whip on Paul to keep him straight ( your welcome Susan ). Seriously This site is the best and I recommend it to everyone. Jim Walton

Eric Sterling (Washington, DC) 9/25/2000 -  
From: Eric Sterling [mailto:esterling@cjpf.org] Sent: Monday, September 25, 2000 7:53 AM To: paul@virginiahost.com Subject: Updating domain name registrations Dear Paul, Thanks for so quickly taking care of the domain name registration updates. Chad and David have been raving to me about the high quality of your work and your quick responses. I appreciate it very much and we are very glad to be working with your firm. Of all the web hosts we've worked with over the years, yours is not only the best, it is hard to imagine one could be better. Yours, Eric Sterling President The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation www.cjpf.org and www.ndsn.org

Phillip Bonincontri (Quantico, VA) 9/15/2000 -  
Paul and Susan were very helpful!!! It took no time at all getting a presence on the Web. Thanks again. Phill

Eric Forehand (Wilmington, NC) 9/7/2000 -  
I am a web designer/developer and the only hosting service I use and recommend to clients, no matter how large or small the project, is virginiahost.com. They are friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful not to mention a great deal for the buck. I've had clients pay more than double for fewer features, surly dispositions, and slow staff responses. virginiahost.com is truly the BEST.

Mark Lunt (Richmond, VA) 8/30/2000 -  
The support is the best. Never had a better host. Never had a problem that couldn't be fixed in seconds.

Corey Alguire (Auburn, IN) 8/29/2000 -  
You simply can't get better service than this. virginiahost.com will bend over backward to help you in any way they can- with setup, domain registration, even one-on-one technical support. I always feel like I am their most important customer!

Trinarayana Viswanatha (Cary, NC) 8/28/2000 -  
F A N T A S T I C !!! I get the best deal on the internet for $19. MSAccess, SQLserver, ASP support, lots of megs, ftp server and lots and lots more. Outside, same features cost me $50 - $75 or more. More importantly, the guy who supports me, Paul, is a very cool guy and does not hesitate to help even on Saturday night 10:00PM.

Carol Cinnamon Bason (Martinsville, VA) 8/24/2000 -  
Having been a site developer for over 5 years, I work on servers and with ISP's all over the country. virginiahost.com is, without rival, the BEST. Their service, accessibility, price, and personal approach are absolutely supreme.

Chris Studebaker (Naperville, IL) 8/3/2000 -  
I am a web store developer that is currently working with a first generation, third party, internet storefront add-on to a client's existing financials software. This project is very complicated with many first-time issues. Paul and virginiahost.com have been extremely supportive and helpful, even though my company is only working for one of his many clients. I truly look forward to continuing a working relationship with such a dedicated and customer support friendly operation such as virginiahost.com.

Dan Redmond (Arlington, VA) 7/31/2000 -  
As a working commercial photographer, the quality of my website is paramount to showcasing my work. Speed, and uptime are critical to my getting a client. Having virginiahost.com be my web host was THE best decision I have made in promoting my work on the web. Unparallel customer service and support.

Teri Hanson (White plains, MD) 7/15/2000 -  
I highly recommend using virginiahost.com as a host. virginiahost.com has fast reliable service and is very professional. Their customer service is extraordinary.

Dan Jacoby (Richmond, VIRGINIA) 6/7/2000 -  
I've dealt with many of the so-called "Top 5" hosting companies while working on CocaCola.com, SeikoUSA.com, Gerber.com, and many others. "Up-Time" and service is FAR superior at virginiahost.com!

Rich James (Waldorf, MD) 6/5/2000 -  
Wow! It is extremely difficult to find a company that will ooze with customer service as well as maintain a professional level of service. All of this with great prices too. I highly recommend virginiahost.com to you and everyone you know!

Alan Oncken (williamsburg, VA) 4/18/2000 -  
I'm brand new to computers (12-99) and a total lay-person for setting up a web site. Paul (yep, a real person you can talk to), spent about an hour on the phone with me during my initial contact and another hour today bringing my site up live. With over 70 links (currently) I have on my site I have been able to talk to only 3. With the endless questions I have, it sure is refreshing to know that I'm just a phone call away from getting those questions answered. If you are like me searching for great companies with service that matches, your search should end at virginiahost.com

Harlene Hill (Lewisville, TX) 4/1/2000 -  
I tried three other host companies before coming to virginiahost.com. In each instance, I was very dissatisfied with their customer service. When I called virginiahost.com and Paul answered, I was amazed. I actually got to talk with a live person! Paul spent over one hour with me until my web site was published and running perfectly! He was very patient and friendly. I would recommend virginiahost.com to anyone with web hosting needs!

Michael Thrasher (Norfolk, VA.) 3/4/2000 -  
Fellow IAW Webmasters, this is the place. 100% REAL VOICE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I moved all my Domains to virginiahost.com. WANT GREAT SERVICE? - USE THEM. Michael - VistaGraphics.com

Reggie Burris (Dale City, VIRGINIA) 2/13/2000 -  
Service is super. 1-2 days turn-around at most, even with the most difficult issues. If you're looking for quick service with all the latest and greatest look no further.

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