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SharePoint Team Services Fast Facts

Screen shot of SharePoint Team Services default home page
SharePoint Team Services home page
Microsoft SharePoint™ Team Services is a team Web site solution that is designed to significantly improve the way your team manages information and activities. Now you can easily create a Web site that serves as the central repository of all project information—documents, contacts, tasks, discussions, and much more.

See how a team Web site created with SharePoint Team Services helps everyone contribute and collaborate—and how easy it is to set up and customize.


SharePoint Team Services is the easiest way for any type of team or workgroup to use the Web to share information. All it takes is a Web browser and access to a corporate network or the Internet.
  • A Web Site Everyone Can Use.
    Using preprogrammed Web-authoring forms, SharePoint Team Services lets you instantly create a full-feature Web site that your team can begin using immediately. Once the site is launched, team members can add, edit, and delete information using their Web browsers. Automatic hyperlink management maintains links to new material, while templates protect the overall navigational structure, individual page layouts, and design elements.
    Screen shot of page creation options
    Use a Web browser to add, edit, and delete content from a SharePoint Team Services−based Web site.

  • Out-of-the-Box Functionality.
    Preformatted forms let your team members contribute to the SharePoint Team Services−based Web site simply by filling out lists. You’ll find forms for announcements, events, contacts, tasks, surveys, discussions, and links. SharePoint also makes it easy to create custom lists by building on existing forms, or creating new ones from scratch.

  • Microsoft Office XP Integration.
    Office XP works seamlessly with SharePoint Team Services, so you can save documents from within any Office application and copy calendars and contact lists directly from Microsoft Outlook® version 2002 and paste them directly into your team’s Web site. Integration with Microsoft Excel version 2002 means you can also export lists and create Microsoft PivotTables® and charts to analyze information or apply text formatting.


SharePoint Team Services opens the door to seamless communication and efficient collaboration with a wide range of easy-to-use features.
  • Document Libraries.
    The Document Library feature of SharePoint Team Services provides a single location for storing all your team’s work. Transferring documents to the library is simple—it just takes a Web browser. And when you assign templates to your document libraries, you guarantee that all documents are consistent and compatible. Powerful text-based search and a familiar folder view make it easy to find documents in the SharePoint library.

    Screen shot of Document Library feature
    Document Library feature
  • Team Interaction.
    SharePoint Team Services helps team members share ideas through subscriptions and notifications that alert everyone to Web site changes; inline document discussions that make it easy to collaborate on specific deliverables without altering original documents; discussion boards that serve as a central forum for specific topics; and surveys, which are a useful way to get targeted responses to key issues.

  • Team Management.
    Once you’ve launched a SharePoint Team Services-based Web site, a simple e-mail invitation serves to register team members to the site, and you can assign different permission levels to each member, depending on their role. Date, time, and author stamping makes it easy to track member participation. Web-based administration lets you manage user accounts quickly and simply from within the browser.

Customize and Control

Simple to set up, a SharePoint Team Services−based Web site can easily be customized to meet the specific project demands of your group.
  • Customize from a Web Browser.
    You’ll find all the commands you need to adapt the SharePoint Team Services−based Web site for your team. Simple drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to modify the home page; adding new pages and custom lists is a snap, too. You can also create custom views of information by filtering for specific criteria, sorting in a particular order, or showing and hiding columns.
    Screen shot of Microsoft FrontPage 2002
    Customization is easy with Microsoft FrontPage 2002.

  • Customize with Microsoft FrontPage® Version 2002.
    Take advantage of the full functionality of FrontPage to create professional-quality Web sites that offer all the features your team needs. Advanced customization options include FrontPage Themes and shared borders, plus photo galleries, usage analysis, top ten lists, automatic Web content, and more.

  • A Solution That Makes Sense.
    Whether you use your internal corporate network or the services of a Web Presence Provider (WPP) for SharePoint Team Services, launching and maintaining a SharePoint Team Services Web site is fast and easy. It takes only three clicks to set up and configure your team Web site running on Microsoft Windows® 2000 with Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0. Built-in administration features let you delegate administration of the site to a team member, reducing demands on IT staff.

Learn More

The links below provide more details on how to get SharePoint Team Services and set up, customize, and manage a team Web site.

How to Get SharePoint Team Services
SharePoint Team Services is included in FrontPage 2002. FrontPage 2002 is available as a standalone offering, and also ships with Microsoft Office XP Professional Special Edition and Office XP Developer. Order your copy FrontPage 2002 today, or begin by using the trial version.

Take a look at the SharePoint demo for complete details on all the features and functionality that come with SharePoint Team Services.

For information on deploying, maintaining, and customizing SharePoint Team Services, visit the Sharepoint Team Services page on TechNet.

See how SharePoint Portal Server 2001 and SharePoint Team Services can provide a complete information-sharing solution for your organization.


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