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SharePoint Team Services

SharePoint Team Services is a team Web site solution that allows teams to create work spaces on an as-needed basis to manage group activities, work together effectively, and progress toward shared goals. Upon installation, SharePoint Team Services creates a fully functional team Web site that can be authored entirely from within a Web browser. Because routine administration tasks are performed by using the browser and can be delegated to site owners, site owners can easily create their own user accounts and set specific permissions for each account. Site owners can also use the browser to create and customize lists and document libraries to suit the needs of their team. Microsoft Office XP and Microsoft FrontPage 2002 are integrated with SharePoint Team Services, providing additional opportunities for users of desktop applications to customize and share information.

SharePoint Team Services Fast Facts

SharePoint Team Services Interactive Demo

See SharePoint™ Team Services from Microsoft come to life in this interactive demo. Discover how this SharePoint technology can help your team access and organize information, manage documents, and collaborate more effectively on projects.
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Demo Requirements

This demo requires the Macromedia Flash Player. For an optimal viewing experience, use a 56 kilobits per second (Kbps) or faster Internet connection and a Super VGA (800 × 600) or higher-resolution monitor.

Competitive Pricing

For only a few dollars, in additional to our regular hosting plans, you can add the SharePoint Tema Services to your site.  Once your site has been setup and completed, your team will be producing in no time!

Getting Started!

SharePoint™ Team Services allows your company’s employees to collaborate and share information in a ground-breaking fashion, and virginiahost.com's outstanding reputation and award-winning support are here to help you accomplish these goals.  Get started today by completing our online secure order form.

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