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 Network Solutions (NSI)
Transfer Process

bbullet.gif (106 bytes) Why does Network Solution's automated process seem so confusing?

Yes, we do understand.  Below, we will try and explain the steps involved in getting your domain updated with our DNS information.

Step 1:

The first step in transferring your domain is to place a request with Network Solutions (NSI) to update your domain with our DNS Server information.

We will place the original request with NSI.  They, in turn, will send one of the contact's listed for your domain a "confirmation" email.


We may select which contact gets sent the email.  However, the email address must be listed in Network Solution's "whois" database.

If you are not able to check any of the email addresses listed on NSI's whois database, then have us generate some "tracking numbers" for you.

Once we've generated your "tracking numbers", you may contact NSI directly and give them these "numbers" over the phone to complete the update to your domain.   If you go this route, you will not need to complete the rest of the steps listed below.  However, the hold times can get quite lengthy and we recommend making a pot of coffee and putting them on the speakerphone until they pick up.

For sales, technical and billing support: 
Within the U.S. and Canada 1-800-779-1710 
Internationally: +1 703 742-4777
(Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. - 9 p.m., Eastern Standard Time)

Step 2:

Once we've determined which email address to have the "confirmation" email sent to, we will then place the request with NSI.

For example, virginiahost.com's whois lookup can be seen here...

virginiahost.com's WhoIs

As you can see, the email address that we could send a request to would be


Once we've placed the original request, you will then need to check the email address that the confirmation email was sent to by NSI.  Please "Reply" and then "Send/Receive" to the email from NSI.  This will initiate the process to transfer your domain to our equipment.

Just to let you know, typically you will have to "Reply" to several emails before the process is actually completed.

Step 3:

Once you "Reply" to the original email, you will receive two emails back from NSI.  The first one is an automated email just stating that they've received your request.  You can basically ignore this email. 

The second email that you will receive will state one of two things...

"Modifications for the domain name registration shown below have been completed." 

This is the one we are looking for and everything should start pulling from our servers.

However, typically you will see

"...unable to authenticate..."

in the first or second sentence of the email.

You will need to "Reply" to this email and update the following lines to show the following...

0a. Auth Scheme.............: Mail-From
0b. Auth Info...............:

1a. (Y)ES (N)O......: Y
1b. Comments........: 

After updating the following lines in the email, hit "Send/Receive".

Step 4:

Again, we are looking for the "modifications...have been completed" email.  At this point, things are completed and the domain should start working within 12 hours.

However, there is now a 3rd email that most users are now receiving. 

It will state the following...

"We have recently received a request to change information in our database. As a contact for this record, you have the authority to agree or disagree with the modification request."

If you receive this email, then you will need to "Reply" and "Send/Receive" one last time in order to get the domain transferred to our equipment.

At this time, things should be completed and you should finally receive the "modifications...have been completed" email that we've been looking for since Step 2.

Final Comment:

I know this sounds like a long process, but this is the new process that NSI has put in place for your protection against others updating your domain.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please feel free to contact us at anytime and we will be sure and do our best to assist you.

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