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Comodo Digital Certificates

What is a digital certificate and why would I need one?

Virtual domain accounts support SSL (Secure socket layer) secure transactions. This method allows for secure, encrypted communication between the user's web browser and your web site. SSL requires that a secure host have a "certificate" signed by a certificate provider.  We offer certificates from Comodo. We will help you obtain the certificate and configure your site.  You are welcome to use Verisign but we find Comodo to the better bargain.

If you are building an online store or wanting to encrypt a single page, a digital certificate is required for our servers to encrypt your domain.  The cost of a certificate is $130.  Your certificate needs to be renewed with Comodo every year for $130.  If you wish to add TrustLogo certificate services, an additional $50 is required when placing the request for your encryption certificate.

If you require more information, please email us at sales@virginiahost.com.

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