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 WS_FTP 95 Support





***Please read all materials before publishing***

First time publishing:

bbullet.gif (64 bytes) You must first create a login file the first time you connect.

bbullet.gif (64 bytes) When starting the program, you will see the login window.  Fill the appropriate boxes with the following information:

bbullet.gif (64 bytes) Profile Name: Provide a name that will help you identify the domain you are connecting to.

Host Name/Address:  yourdomain   (example: abc.com)

Host Type:  Automatic Detect

User ID:  Your username

Password:  Your password

Account:  Not applicable

You can click on "save password" if you want WS_FTP to remember your password.

bbullet.gif (64 bytes) Click "Save" and then "OK" to connect.

I am connected.  What next?

You should see the program divided into two windows.  The one on the left will show the directory map of your local computer (the one you are using).  The right side of the program will show the directory map of your host site.

Transferring files over:
You can transfer an entire folder or individual files.  Just click on the file or folder on your local computer.  You need to check which method of transfer you would like to use.

* Auto - Recommended if you are transferring mixed files type.

* ASCII - Used with text based files (.html, .txt, etc.)

* Binary - For binary based files (.jpg, .gif, .exe, etc.)

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