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Support for Microsoft FrontPage 2000 

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bbullet.gif (106 bytes) How do I upload (publish) my website?

bbullet.gif (106 bytes) What FTP software can I use?

bbullet.gif (64 bytes) What should I do if denied access via FTP?

bbullet.gif (64 bytes) What is the function of the "cgi-bin" directory?

bbullet.gif (64 bytes) How do I create sub-directories?

bbullet.gif (64 bytes) How do  I implement secure transactions?

bbullet.gif (106 bytes) How do I change my email address?

bbullet.gif (64 bytes) Whom shall I contact regarding InterNIC billing?

bbullet.gif (106 bytes) I have more questions or need of assistance.  What do I need to do?

* To expedite your responses, please put your domain name on the subject line when sending an email to support@virginiahost.com.

How do I upload (publish) my site?
If you are using Microsoft FrontPage to create your site, you should use  FrontPage to upload your site.  By doing this, you make sure FrontPage uploads all necessary files to enable your site to work correctly.   If you are developing your site in another editor, you can FTP your site to our server. 
Click HERE for more information on publishing your web using FrontPage

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What FTP software can I use?
You can use almost any FTP program.  We recommend WS_FTP 95   or Cute FTP.
If you need assistance on uploading in WS_FTP 95, click here.
If you need assistance on uploading in Cute FTP, click here.     

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What should I do if denied access via FTP?
Be sure to read the FTP Tutorial instruction (see above). If you still have trouble, send email to techsupp@virginiahost.com explaining the problem in detail. Be sure to include both your user ID and domain name as well as the current account password.    

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What is the function of the "cgi-bin" directory?
This directory allows you to execute a CGI script written in Perl, or C. Perl programs are self-compiling and can be utilized immediately after transfer to this directory/folder. You have complete control of your cgi-bin in order to execute programs. Please make sure that any script or program you are using is written to run on NT servers. Many Perl CGI scripts that are written to run on UNIX servers will not run on NT servers. The best way to verify the compatibility is to contact the author of the script and ask him/her if it has been known to work on NT servers.

Virginia Hosting reserves the right to remove any programs that violate system integrity or use inordinate amounts of system resources. Virginia Hosting does not allow the installation of programs that are required to run on the system level without prior approval and testing.

Many programs written to run on NT servers will require a DLL, dynamic link library, file to be installed in the system directory. At this time Virginia Hosting will allow the installation of custom DLLs. If you have a program that requires installation or registration at the system level please contact Virginia Hosting Tech Support for consultation.    

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How do I create sub-directories?
We recommend using the "create directory" feature in our recommended FTP client software (WS_FTP). You can also transfer whole directories over to your site by highlighting the directory and moving it over to your site. All the files in the directory will also be moved. This is recommended only for sub-directories of your root directory and should not be attempted to move the whole site over. If your program does not allow you to do this and returns an "access denied" error please call or email Tech Support so we can examine the problem.

Microsoft FrontPage 2000
First, in FrontPage Explorer open your site from your personal web server.  Next, change to the 'folders' view of your site that you have designed and make sure that the open directory is your main, or what is known as your root directory.  Last, select 'New' and then select 'Folder' and you will see a folder created with the name 'New Folder'. You will have to change the folder name to the one that you wish to create. Note: If you use the 'New', 'Sub-Web' option you will create a new web in a subdirectory by the name that you choose. This is not the same as creating a sub-directory. Please see the FrontPage section of the FAQ for more information on this procedure.    

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How do I implement secure transactions?

Virtual domain accounts support SSL (Secure socket layer) secure transactions. This method allows for secure, encrypted communication between the user's web browser and your web site. SSL requires that a secure host have a "certificate" signed by a certificate provider.  We offer certificates from Thawte. We will help you obtain the certificate and configure your site.  You are welcome to use VeriSign but we find Thawte to the better bargain.    

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How do I change my email address?
Drop us an email to support@virginiahost.com and let us know what you want your email changed to.    

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Whom shall I contact regarding InterNic billing?
Questions regarding InterNIC Invoicing and Payment Procedure should be referred to Registration Services. Virginia Hosting does not pay your InterNIC Registration fee for our clients and this fee is not included in your payment(s) to us. Non-payment of your InterNIC Registration Fee can result in your domain not being reachable via the internet. Of course, if you have any questions we will help you in any way we can.      

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I have more questions or need of assistance.  What do I need to do?
Please do not hesitate to call us or email us!  We are here to help you in any way possible.  We will post more support questions if more people ask the same support questions.   

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