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What are Microsoft® FrontPage® Server Extensions?
FrontPage server extensions are a set of server-side applications that:

  • Let multiple users simultaneously collaborate on the same Web site and Web Server (Multi-user Authoring).
  • Let users write directly to the Web server using a PC or laptop computer from anywhere in the world via the Internet (Remote Authoring).
  • Let users include forms on their Web site and specify how the results of those forms are handled.
  • Let users include discussion Webs on their Web site.
  • Provide full text search capability on a Web site.
  • Let users include hit counters on their Web site.

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This "pre-packaged" functionality lets users incorporate these advanced features without having to write the complex server-side programs typically required. FrontPage is the only Web creation and management tool that offers all of these features.

What is a CGI-BIN Directory?

This directory allows you to execute a CGI script written in Perl, or C. Perl programs are self-compiling and can be utilized immediately after transfer to this directory/folder. You have complete control of your cgi-bin in order to execute programs. Please make sure that any script or program you are using is written to run on NT servers. Many Perl CGI scripts that are written to run on UNIX servers will not run on NT servers. The best way to verify the compatibility is to contact the author of the script and ask him/her if it has been known to work on NT servers.

Web Statistics

We use Webtrends to monitor site statistics.  They have earned numerous awards.  If you would like more information on them, visit them at www.webtrends.com .

PC Magazine Editor's Choice
'WebTrends is a pioneer in log-file analysis software, and its experience is evident in the WebTrends Log Analyzer v4.0'

SSL Directory

Virtual domain accounts support SSL (Secure socket layer) secure transactions. This method allows for secure, encrypted communication between the user's web browser and your web site. SSL requires that a secure host have a "certificate" signed by a certificate provider.  We offer certificates from Thawte. We will help you obtain the certificate and configure your site.  You are welcome to use VeriSign but we find Thawte to the better bargain.

See also Thawte Digital Certificate
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