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***Please read all materials before publishing***

bbullet.gif (64 bytes) First time publishing:

1.  Open FrontPage 97/98 or 2000 and choose the web to be published.

2. At the top of the program, choose "File" from the menu.  Click on "Publish FrontPage Web".   You should see a "Publish" dialog box. 

3.  Click on "More Webs..." button.  Another dialog box will ask you to "specify the location to which you want to publish your FrontPage Web".  also see tips below

4.  Type in:   http://www.yourdomain.com 
(Example:  If site name is www.abc.com then you would enter http://www.abc.com )

5. Click "OK"

6.  When prompted, type in your username and password.  Click "OK" and FrontPage will start the publishing process.  After it finishes, a status of "Published to http://yourdomain.com" should appear in the bottom left corner of the program.

Some Tips:

When publishing the first time, make sure the "Publish changed pages only" box is unchecked.  After the first publish, you can leave the box checked.  This will save you time so that FrontPage will not overwrite files that have not been edited.

There is a "Publish" button on FrontPage.  We recommend that you do not use this method.  By doing so, FrontPage will publish the working site to the last URL.  If you are working and maintaining more than one website, you may publish and overwrite the wrong website.

bbullet.gif (64 bytes) When I try to publish my site, I get some error message about "NTLM authentication".
NTLM authentication is means of sending a username/password via encrypted text.  You need to make sure that you have "Client for Microsoft Networking" installed.

1. Right click on Network Neighborhood (or use Control Panel/Network)
2. If it is Windows 95/98, check to see if "Client for Microsoft Networks" is installed.

3. If not, click "Add".
4. Click "Client" and the click "Add"
5. Click "Microsoft" on the left.
6. Select "Client for Microsoft Networks" on the right.
7. Click "OK" twice and then reboot your machine.

Error Messages:

Below is a listing of some of the common error messages that you may experience while using FrontPage to publish your web site. These errors are usually the result of FrontPage being interrupted during an publish or delete procedure or by using a third party FTP software in concert with FrontPage. If any of these errors occur, please make a note of which error it is and send an email to techsupp@virginiahost.com. In that email please include your domain name and password and an explanation of your problem and the error that is resulting.

  1. FrontPage Does Not Prompt the User for a Password
    FrontPage 98 is designed to remember the users password and ID. Once you have used your account, FrontPage will usually write this information to a ini file and the user may not be prompted to use it again. This is the normal procedure for FrontPage. This only happens if you have not closed the Explorer down since it's last connection to your site.
  2. "Web Root Is Busy"
    This is caused by your virtual server being temporarily busy and should clear itself up in half an hour to an hour. If the problem persists for more than 24 hours please notify tech support immediately.
  3. "Server error: INI File " " Section "Port80" not Found"
    Your FrontPage extensions may not have been installed or the server may be temporarily busy. Please wait one hour and try again, if the problem persists send an email in to techsupp@virginiahost.com outlining the problem. Make sure to include your username and domain in the email.
  4. "Web Central Configuration Is Busy"
    This is caused by your virtual server being temporarily busy and should clear itself up in half an hour to an hour. If the problem persists for more than 24 hours please notify tech support immediately.
  5. FrontPage Continues to Prompt the User for a Password
    This error may occur either because the password entered in not correct or the action you are attempting requires administrative permissions. You will need to email in your request to tech support. Most actions do not require this type of permission level.
  6. "Parse Error in File D:\VariableDirName\VariableDirName\Filename"
    This happens in the uploading process and will interrupt the uploading process. It generally means that there is a corrupted file in your web and you should email tech support immediately so we can help you correct the problem.

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