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 Cute FTP Support





*** Please read all materials before publishing ***

First time publishing:

When opening Cute FTP, you will need to create a site login file.

First , click "Add site" button.  Fill in the following areas:

Site label - This is the name you want to refer as your connection.
Host Address - www.yourdomain.com   (example: www.virginiahost.com)
User ID - Your username
Password - Your password
Login Type - Normal is recommended.

Transfer type

"Auto" is recommended.   This will allow you to upload both images and text files.
"ASCII" is used when you upload files like(html, cgi, doc, etc.)
"Binary" is used when you upload files like (jpg, gif, bmp, etc.)

Host Type - "Auto Detect" is recommended.

Click "Ok"

Choose "connect" and the program will bring you the upload file manager.
You move around like you would in your file manager in Windows.

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