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Enjoy simple, fast, and reliable hosting with Virginia Hospitality!!!!

   Registered Microsoft Web Presence Provider (WPP)
Microsoft FrontPage and Expressions

Windows IIS Web Hosting on Windows 2008 R2Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010We provide Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, 2000, 2005, and 2008 to power even your most demanding database requirements.



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We make it easy to host sites made with FrontPage.


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If you are a personal user, home based business, small business or a large business, has affordable plans to match your needs.

About 16,000 domain names are being registered every week!  Acting fast will assure your domain name will be secured.  We will assist you in registering your domain name and setup your account for no extra charge!

   Save 15-30% on Domain Registrations!

By registering or parking your domain name with, you save up to 30%.  Pay $24.99 per domain name for your first year as compared to the regular $35 that others charge.

eel free to browse around.  If you have any questions, check our FAQ link.  If you have any other questions, please email or call our sales team.


ASPMail Component by ServerObjects      Persits ASPUpload Component       Persits ASPEmail Component
   Visual InterDev Server Components Support        Registering Custom Components Supported              Drumbeat Support

Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Support  Cybercash Support  Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Internet Information Server 5.0   Microsoft Index Server Support       Windows Media Services Support

WebTrends web traffic statistics       Media House Live Stats Reports

Looking for a quote on a dedicated circuit? For a free, no-obligation quote on Fractional T1's to T3's including dedicated DSL circuits, click Here.

Dedicated and Server Co-Locations starting at $199/m!  Also be sure to ask about our Reseller Plans!

Looking for a Graphics Designer or an ASP Developer?  Click Here for a free no-obligation quote!

Tested And Ready For Wireless!  All sites hosted with are cell phone compatible.  Check it out and surf your site with a cell phone

Still unsure?  Take a moment to read "Making The Right Choice with your Hosting Provider?"

SharePoint Team Services
Now supporting SharePoint Team Services!

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